What is the difference between CareerPal and other Professional Social Media websites?

What makes CareerPal marketplace different from other platforms is its unique concept where the users are in charge. There’s something for everyone here. Whether you are a recent graduate, a career transitioner or a professional who already has an established career, CareerPal will work for you in connecting with professionals within your field of expertise and company of choice. Best of all, professional experts may choose to monetize their experiences and lessons learnt by while helping others achieve their career goals. Here are a few benefits:

Students & Career Transitioners:
-Free to reach out to experts within any company, industry, skills or location
-Added Value by detailed selection criteria
-Save time by connecting only with qualified experts
-Better quality by connecting with highly rated experts
-Quick and easy signup that takes 30 seconds

Professional Experts:
 -Monetize their time and effort (eg: Expert may charge user $50 for providing case interview help)
-Save time by specifying how they can help others to only receive related requests
-Boost reputation & credibility by being rated by actual users they have already helped
-Quick and easy signup that takes 30 seconds -

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